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Beginners - An adult must always stay with the child while attending this program. You will still be asked to show your corresponding wristband number when leaving the division.
Kindergarten – If your child has a difficult time adjusting to the program, one of the leaders will ask to speak with you on ways we can work tother for your child.
Primary – A seven-year-old reading level is encouraged for your child to get the more out of this program. If your child has a difficult time adjusting to the program, one of the leaders will ask to speak with you on ways we can work tother for your child.
Juniors – Juniors are not allowed to come and go during the meetings, but the end of each meeting, children are free to leave without an adult to pick them up. Please note, Juniors are not authorized to pick up younger siblings. Only a registered adult can pick up children in the lower divisions.
The following information may be shared with program leaders, registration, and medical professionals.
Each person who attends must register.

Child Pickup & Registration Policy Children Birth – 12 years old

Every child from birth to twelve years old will be given a colored wristband that must always be worn. A corresponding wristband will be given to the parent/guardian, which can be worn to help prevent loss of the adult’s band. 

Rules for pick up:

  • Children from Beginners, Kindergarten, or Primary will NOT be released to any adult unless they provide a matching wristband number.
  • If a wristband is lost or broken, it will need to be replaced before the child enters their division tent.
  • If a parent arrives to pick up their child without a number, they must show ID at the registration booth before picking up their child.

You can now upload a picture(s) of yourself or adults who have permission to pick up your child in case of an emergency (e.g., your ID is on Hill Top or with your spouse). The person picking up the child will need to go to the children’s registration booth to get clearance before going to the division tent. This is NOT a quick fix. The quickest way to retrieve your child is to have your corresponding wristband.

Maximum file size: 5MB

Broken Wristbands: If a wristband needs to be replaced for any reason, the registration team will replace the first one for free. A $2.00 donation will be requested for any wristbands replaced after the first free band.

Forgotten Angels: Fifteen minutes after the Kindergarten and Primary program ends, remaining children will be taken to the Forgotten Angels Station located at the main children’s registration booth. The registration team will try informing you via text messaging that your child(ren) is waiting at the booth. After a total of 30 minutes after the end of the program security will be notified.

Wristband Policy
A Custodian is a person responsible for the child(ren) at camp meeting other than parent/guardian. Will your child(ren) be with a custodian during their time at camp meeting?